Zero Air Generators

The Environics® Series 7000 Zero Air Generators are easy to install, require minimal upkeep and are safer, easier and less costly than high-pressure gas cylinders.

The Zero Air Generators are capable of continuous delivery of up to 20 standard liters per minute (SLPM), 30 pounds per square inch (PSI) of dry, contaminant-free air, with <0.02 ppm Hydrocarbons (optional). The ZAG will produce ultra high purity zero grade air either from an existing compressed air source or as a powerful stand-alone unit. The air is a perfect method for generating zero reference calibration gas, ultra-pure combustion air for flame ionization detector (FID), service air for pneumatically operated valves, hydrocarbon free chromatography use and general laboratory use.

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Many laboratories purchase expensive high-pressure Zero Air cylinders. While this method works, it is safer, more cost-effective and more repeatable to use an in house generator. Your investment will quickly pay for itself.

The Zero Air Generator includes a color-changing moisture indicator to alert you to the presence of water vapor. If water vapor is present, the indicator will change from white to blue. When the water vapor is removed, the indicator will revert to its white color. The ZAG also includes dual pressure regulation for enhanced performance.

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