Gas Mixer and Gas Delivery System

The Environics® Series 3000 Gas Blending – Gas Delivery System offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas. Unlike premixed cylinders, the Environics model 3000 provides a repeatable blend of gases, using precision thermal mass flow controllers. The system offers flexibility in addressing particular processes and market needs. Although two and three gas mixtures are more common, gas mixtures of more constituents can be produced. The primary benefits of the system are cost savings in using pure gases versus premixed cylinders as well as the repeatability of the mixture. The system will undoubtedly pay for itself because of these savings.

Technical Brochure



  • Optional precision mass flow meters (MFM) can be installed on the outputs of the MFCs.
  • Flow standard is accurate up to 1% of reading
  • Color touch screen and PLC combined.
  • Repeatability up to +/- .05% of fullscale.
  • Optional visual and/or audible alarm


  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging
  • Welding Shielding Gases
  • Controlled Atmospheric Storage
  • Gas Processing and Blanketing
  • Semi-conductor fabrication
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