Nall Series Mass Flow Meters and Controllers (Customization)

The NALL Flow Meter is the meter that started a legacy.  Operating on a unique thermal principle, the NALL Series is the choice for high temperatures and adverse environmental applications. Inherently linear, the flexible NALL separates the transducer from the electronics and can meter a wide range of flow.

The NALL series meters have flow ranges from 0-10 sccm to flows of 0-15,000 slm; provide analog outputs, ultra-low pressure drops, all-metal (standard), can be hermetically sealed and operate up to 200℃.  The full-scale range is specified by the end-user.  A NIST traceable calibration certificate is standard.   Available in Monel for use with corrosive gases.

Technical Brochure




  • The Original Hastings Mass Flowmeter
  • 15 Standard Flow Ranges
  • No Corrections for 20%
  • Variations in Temperature or Pressure


  • Vapor Deposition
  • Leak Testing
  • Gas Blending
  • Semiconductor Processes
  • Measurement of Toxic and
  • Hazardous Gases
  • High Temperature, High Pressure, and Hermetically Sealed Uses
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