Computerized Multi Gas Calibration System

The Environics® Series 6100 Computerized MultiGas Calibration System is a computer-controlled, state-of-the-art instrument for dynamic calibration of ambient air analyzers. The Series 6100 automatically performs zero, precision, span and multi-point calibrations using NO, NO2, SO2, CO, 03, hydrocarbons and other gases of interest. The 6100
meets or exceeds all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Both in-service and new
Series 6100 can be optimized for low levels of ozone, down to 2 ppb repeatably.

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  • User-friendly interactive software with plain language prompts is simple to use, reducing technician training time and virtually eliminating error.
  • Automatic calculation of dilution and span gas flows based on commanded concentration eliminates the need for manual computation and allows rapid transition from point to point.
  • Internally-stored mass flow controller calibration data improves accuracy by as much as a factor of ten and simplifies field recalibration. Mass flow controllers are factory calibrated at 11 points.
  • Internally-stored ozone generator calibration data ensures linear, repeatable ozone generation without photometer control to a stable and repeatable 2 ppb. Ozone generator performance meets U.S. EPA criteria for ozone transfer standards.
  • Ozone generator pressure compensation ensures repeatable and stable ozone generation at pressures other than the original calibration pressure.
  • Full, two-way RS-232 Serial Data Interface (standard) permits remote operation of the instrument including data collection, gas selection, initiation of zero, span and multi-point calibrations.
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