Chilled Mirror DewPoint Hygrometer (DewMaster)

The Edgetech Instruments DewMaster is a fast, multi-function, high precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuously
monitoring the dew/frost point temperature, parts per million water vapor by volume or percent relative humidity in gas
streams. Based on the primary method chilled mirror measurement technique, it features a user-friendly, easy access sensor, automatic startup, auto-balance, self-diagnostics, analog outputs, serial interface, and alarms. Unlike other dew/frost point sensor types, chilled mirror sensors are easily cleaned and rarely require replacement

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  • 3 parameter measurement – dewpoint, temperature, pressure
  • 3 line display and analog outputs
  • Tabletop/rack mount
  • NEMA 4 housing option
  • Easy sensor access and serviceability
  • Multiple interface options are standard
  • Fan or liquid-cooled sensors are available for low dew/frost point measurement
  • Primary method chilled mirror sensor provides extremely accurate dew/frost point temperature measurement
  • Drift free and certified against NIST traceable standards
  • Best in class air cooled temperature depression
  • Automatic Balance Control mode provides correction for optics contaminants
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