The Edgetech Instruments Model DPS3 is a heated dewpoint hygrometer that can measure dewpoints up to 95 °C (203°F) and as low as -35 °C (-31°F). This integrated system includes a microprocessor-based electronics, a chilled mirror dewpoint sensor, a sample flow meter/valve, assorted tubing and fittings all contained in a heated, temperature-controlled NEMA-4 enclosure.

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  • Designed with a floating optical system to ensure no effects from environmental conditions.
  • Compact design integrating all parts such as Flame, Graphite furnace, Optical system, Atomizer, power supply and electronics in one.
  • Titanium nebulizer and burner head are protected against corrosion and oxidation for long time use.
  • The use of 1800 lines/mm diffraction grating for strong energy and high resolution.
  • Optical single beam for strong energy to ensure a very low limit of detection for atoms such as As, Se etc.
  • Automatic switching between Flame and Graphite furnace within seconds.
  • D2 Lamp background correction and self-absorption background correction for more accurate results.
  • Hollow cathode lamp protection from current surge and insufficient pressure.
  • Gas leak detection and alarm for over-heating in Graphite furnace mode
    Includes equip for N2O gas (laughing gas) with Flame.
  • Hydride generator (Optional) for analysis of As, Pb, Se, Hg, etc with high sensitivity.
  • Autosampler (Optional) for automatic analysis process and preparation of standard solutions.
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