Benchtop Microprocessor pH/mV Meter

PHMV series precision pH/mV meter, ideal for routine use in schools, laboratories, and production plants, and is capable of measuring pH/mV value and ion concentration with an ion-selective electrode.

The pH/mV Meters can accurately measure the pH or mV of the solution. Labshops offer a great deal of pH/mV meters. Get your right meter today!

Technical Brochure



Two-Point Push-Button Calibration:
PHMV series with two point’s calibration function. It will prompt the pH calibration solution when calibrating the meter. You need only immerse the pH electrode into the standard solution and press [CAL] key, and then the meter will be calibrated automatically.

Auto-Buffer Recognition:
In calibration, the meter will display ERROR automatically if using the pH standard solution by mistake or not by the direction.

Viewing of Electrode Slope:
After calibration, the meter will indicate electrode slope, upon which replacement of the electrode can be determined.

Automatic Temperature:
PHMV-1T with a temperature sensor can measure the temperature of the solution and can adjust the temperature automatically.

Keypad and Electrode Holder:
The meter has a waterproof panel, and there is no need to worry if the sample solution splashes over the meter. The electrode holder can be used conveniently.


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