Bench Top Turbidity Meter


  • Microcomputer, touch keyboard and backlight LCD, standard parallel RS232 data communication interface.
    Custom-made high strength long service life lamp-house, provided with data storage and inquiry function, can meet GLP requirements.
  • Data nonlinear processing and data smoothing function, quick and automatic multi-points calibration, self-diagnostic information prompt, selectable span-automatic or manual switch.
  • Set average measuring mode with a shortcut to obtaining correct data within the quickest time, applicable particularly to measure extreme-low turbidity and can be used to measure unstable water samples.
  • Precise light route system, reliable positioning structure, effective tone compensation, direct turbidity reading.
  • Selectable spectral measurement unit, multiple measuring modes, optional flow sampling device and can realize consecutive measuring, built-in or external printer is optional(specifying when ordering).

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Turbidity meters are used to quickly measure the turbidity (or cloudiness) of water, caused by suspended solid particles. Our affordable selection of turbidity meter can fast and accurately measure the turbidity.

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