Analytical Balances


  • LCD display with backlight
  • Serial interface RS232
  • Selectable filter level
  • Selectable measure units: penn., oncetr, grain, tael hon, tael sgp, tael roc, momme
  • Piece-counting function
  • Calibration weight (except for ā€œIā€ models)

Technical Brochure



A top quality series that combines elegance with highly reliable measuring performance.
The analytical balance in the ā€œIā€ version are equipped with an automatic internal calibration system whereby the balances main parameters are controlled by specific software that automatically re-calibrates the balance.
Working with a AZZOTA internal calibration balance means working with a balance that is always calibrated and practically insensitive to environmental temperature fluctuations.

Software on demand

1. Liquid and solid density determination
2. Maximum load determination


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