AA-7000 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

Software Features for AA-7000 Series

– Fully controlled by PC based software (Microsoft Windows)
– Automatic wavelength set-up, automatic slit switching, automatic lamp current and gain set-up within 40 seconds.
– Auto switching and control of 6 lamps on rotating turret
– Automatic flame ignition, automatic flow control for gases and gas leak detection.
– Nitrous Oxide Gas/Acetylene Gas selection (Optional) to analyze elements under the condition of high temperature.
– The use of advanced grating for strong energy and high resolution.
– User-friendly graphical software interface.

Technical Brochure



  • Designed with a floating optical system to ensure no effects from environmental conditions.
  • Compact design integrating all parts such as Flame, Graphite furnace, Optical system, Atomizer, power supply and electronics in one.
  • Titanium nebulizer and burner head are protected against corrosion and oxidation for long ?me use.
  • The use of 1800 lines/mm diffraction grating for strong energy and high resolution.
  • Optical single beam for strong energy to ensure a very low limit of detection for atoms such as, Se etc.
  • Automatic switching between Flame and Graphite furnace within seconds.
  • D2 Lamp background correction and self-absorption background correction for more accurate results.
  • Hollow cathode lamp protection from current surge and insufficient pressure.
  • Gas leak detection and alarm for overheating in Graphite furnace mode


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